Beaver – Friends Or River Monsters? | 海狸—朋友还是河怪? (4K)

Studio Hamburg | 2019
1 x 50 min
Available Worldwide

The return of the beavers is one of the greatest success stories of nature conservation in Germany. Hunted for a long time and almost exterminated, today more than 35.000 beavers live in Germany again – and the trend is rising. But how did this happen? One gets to see the mostly nocturnal animals only rarely. Klaus Weißmann has spent more than two years tracking down the shy beavers and documenting their spread in Germany. Which ways do they use? What dangers are they exposed to? Step by step, this film tells the exciting and sometimes odd success story of the likeable rodents.

海狸的回归是德国自然保护活动最伟大的成功之一。由于长期遭到猎杀,濒临灭绝,如今又有超过35.000只海狸生活在德国—而且这一趋势还在上升。但这是怎么发生的呢?人们很少能看到夜行动物。克劳斯▪魏因曼花了两年多的追踪害羞的海狸和记录他们在德国的分布。他们用什么方法? 他们面临哪些危险? 这部电影一步一步地讲述了这些可爱的啮齿类动物令人兴奋、有时甚至是古怪的成功故事。