DW Transtel

Classified: World War II (HD)

Classified: World War II (HD)

DW Transtel
7 x 30 min
Episodes 1 – 7

During World War Two, lies, propaganda and disinformation were the order of the day. What do we now know about the machinations of those involved, kept secret from the public for decades after the end of the conflict? What were the crimes that one simply didn’t speak of, even if one was aware of them? What were the events that historians were only able to find out about years after they happened? New facts are coming to light all the time, whether about espionage, diplomatic contacts or economic ties. Classified: World War II tells the stories from this terrible war that aren’t common knowledge.

01 Hitler’s Money Launderers: Swiss Banks
02 The Vatican’s Fatal Silence
03 Nazi Terror in Buchenwald
04 Hitler’s Mountain of Treasures
05 The Dead Man Who Had Hitler Fooled
06 Codename Ramsay – The Soviets’ Top Spy in Tokyo
07 Japan’s Attack on Manchuria