Cuba’s Wild Revolution - 4K (HD)

Cuba’s Wild Revolution – 4K (HD)


ORF-E | 2018
52 min. x 1
Available Worldwide

Cuba has some of the richest wildlife in the Car- ibbean: 3,700 km of pristine coastline, mountain ranges still draped in primeval forest, swamps teeming with moisture-loving creatures – and much of it thrives because of Cuba’s revolution. Decades of socialist government, U.S. embargoes and mini- mal development have left the island virtually un- changed.
This film will feature Cuba’s wildlife where it meets the island’s colonial and revolutionary past, and present: from the clouds of vultures riding the up- drafts around Havana’s legendary ‘Habana Libre’ hotel to the Cuban boa constrictors making their homes in the deserted mansions of long-gone sugar barons, to the coral-smothered cannon of wrecked Spanish galleons. Neighbors from Haiti to Jamaica may have flushed their natural wealth into the sea; Cuba sits like a green jewel in azure Carib- bean waters, pulsing with life.