Divine Consultants - The Beginning

Divine Consultants – The Beginning

YLE | 2019
20 x 3 min / 60 x 1 min
Available Worldwide TV, VOD

The brave protagonist of the Divine Consultants animation series, 16-year-old Joy, lives in a divided world where everyone has to choose their side. Powerful Zeniths discriminate against the minority Nadir. The Nadir are rumoured to spread a dangerous disease that only infects the Zenith. Frustrated Joy tries to merge into the mainstream by any means, but when her friend Hope disappears mysteriously, she has enough. Joy explores the mutation of a strange society by transforming herself into a film noir detective, but does her alter ego do her any favours?

The series visual style is a new take on motion comic and the speciality of Divine Consultants – The Beginning is expressive animated graphic novel art, mixed with traditional character animation, parallax scenes and transitions. The inventive style speaks to both friends of graphic novels and animation.