Empire of the Vineyard (HD)

Empire of the Vineyard (HD)


ORF-E | 2017
52 min. x 1 ep
Available Worldwide

A well-tended vineyard develops the quality of a wine over generations. But its micro-world is a battleground, an animal empire fought over in hundreds of tiny dramas every day. The irresistible smell of fresh vine leaves tempts deer out of the bushes. European and Asian ladybugs swarm out of their underground colony beside the vine after sleeping though the cold season. Young rabbits play in the morning mists, under the watchful eye of their mothers. An eagle owl swoops from the forest to snatch voles between the vines, then flies 200 meters further to prey on the ducks in the river. The owl shares its territory with a buzzard, which only hunts during the day. A European green lizard flashes the flamboyant blue of its neck to impress the females, as it basks on the limestone walls, not far from its natural enemy, a smooth snake. These natural enemies share the same predators.