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Games of the Nations

Games of the Nations

DW Transtel | 06 4599
30 min / ep
Episodes 01 –  10, 12, 13
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In the many different regions of the world, people get excited about an amazing variety of games, some of them bizarre, all of them absorbing and entertaining, whether it is el pato in Argentina, polo in India, lacrosse in Canada or vovinam in Vietnam. What exactly goes on in these games?
And what is it that makes people want to play them? Our series looks into these questions and into the origins of these typical national favorites, bearing in mind that most traditional active pursuits have their roots far back in the past. It is this combination of past history and present fascination that gives these documentaries their particular charm. They cannot fail to interest and entertain the viewer.

01 El Pato – The Ball Game Played on Horseback in Argentina, Originally by the Gauchos
02 Eisbosseln – Traditional Throwing Game of the Frisians in Northern Germany
03 Naginata – A Japanese Martial Art Originally Practised by Samurai Daughters
04 Glima – Wrestling in the Ancient Viking Style, Iceland
05 Lacrosse – More of a Ritual than a Sport for the Cherokee Indians of Canada
06 Reindeer Racing – A Skiing Spectacle Thought up by the Original Inhabitants of Lapland
07 Vovinam – A Vietnamese Martial Art with a Seriously Martial Pedigree
08 Boccia – Bowls Italian-Style
09 Icewing Skating – A Hot Favorite with the People of Stockholm
10 Polo – Pakistan’s Ancient Stick-and-Ball Game Played on Horseback
12 La Course Camarguaise – The Alternative Style of Bull-Fighting in the Camargue in France
13 Hornussen – Switzerland’s Own Native Version of the Game of Throw-andCatch