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Global Beethoven: Cello and Horsehead Fiddle

Global Beethoven – Cello and Horsehead Fiddle

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1 x 30 min
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What does it sound like when Germany’s National Youth Orchestra (BJO), plays music by the Chinese-Mongolian avant-garde composer Zulan? Zulan, who comes from Inner Mongolia, composed an opulent piece for the BJO and her own ensemble Mongolism. It’s called Amila and describes the dance of the shaman that gives mankind a new soul. While the BJO’s role is to set the scene, recreating the natural world, the shrubs, the mountains, Mongolism’s role is to relate the story. The lm charts the journey of Zulan and the orchestra, beginning with the first encounter in Germany. Then there is the BJO’s concert tour of China, the second meeting with Zulan in Beijing and the first rehearsal of her music. And finally, the premiere of Amila at the 2015 Beethoven Festival in Bonn, where the German National Youth Orchestra and Mongolism perform together on the same stage for the first time.