Hooked (HD)

Hooked (HD)

YLE | 2016 & 2018
Finnish with English subtitle
Season 1 – 10 x 50 min
Season 2 – 8 x 50 min
Available Worldwide TV, VOD

Have you ever fallen in love with the wrong person?

Hooked is a crime drama about addiction. You can get addicted to just about anything; human relationships, love – as well as cocaine. Krista is a former drug addict, Oskari is a drug squad criminal investigator. These two have a common history, a son, and an underlying addiction to each other. Krista becomes an informant to Oskari due to her connections in the drug underworld, and at the same time she gets an access to Oskari’s new life. But the co-operation puts them both into constant danger.

Season 1 swept the table at the Finnish Golden Venla TV Awards 2016 by receiving the awards in the drama category for Best Drama, Best Script, Best Direction, Best Male Actor and Best Female Actor.

The tv broadcast received a 40% reach in all, with 25% in the audience under 45 years, and 50% male viewers