Merry Elf's Christmas Calendar

Merry Elf’s Christmas Calendar

YLE | 2019
24 x 8 min
Available Worldwide TV, VOD

Santa Claus has followed the world events and is worried about what is going on around the world. He knows what families truly need.

He writes a task list to Merry Elf, so that everyone would have a good Christmas. Merry Elf takes on the task list, one task a day until Christmas. In completing the tasks Merry Elf has help from the best specialists of Elves’ Hideaway, such as the sage Grams Elf, Forest Elf, Time Elf and many others. They do their best to help Merry Elf to find out what children and adults need the most. What will happen to Merry Elf will be revealed in the 24 episodes of the new Merry Elf’s Advent Calendar.