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Motoring Legends

Motoring Legends

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The Mercedes 300 SL was technically superb, the Jeep is the mother of all SUVs, and the Citroën DS was and still is simply wonderful. Such vehicles are icons of the zeitgeist that prevailed when they were built. They also exert an influence on contemporary design – because they stand out from the crowd, have character and a story to tell. Some are admired or even adored by all – designers, engineers, vintage car fans and neutral observers alike – as vehicles of legendary status.

01 Mercedes 300 SL – The Gullwing
02 NSU Ro 80 – The Wankel Car
03 Jeep – Pioneer of the 4WD Car
04 Opel Kapitän – The Status Symbol
05 Citroën DS – The Floating Goddess
06 VW Bus – The Versatile
07 Opel Manta – The Stereotype