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MotorMania (HD)

MotorMania (HD)

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Motor racing. The latest car technology. Classic cars. Automobile design: MotorMania
is the ideal swift introduction to all issues concerned with mobility. For motor racing enthusi- asts, tuning fans and anyone interested in technology. Or simply for all those fascinated by the subject of four-wheel transport.

Application & Tips
06 x 03 min.

How does global car sharing work? When does it make sense to use winter tires? What should you watch out for when you’re buying a car? MotorMania provides helpful tips and answers to everyday motoring questions, unveils innovative ideas and presents new possibilities for mobility arising from technological advances.

Classic Cars
22 x 03 min.

Despite all the innovations on the market, classic cars still enthrall and delight: the elegant forms, gleaming chrome, and engines motorists can still tinker with themselves. When it comes to the classics of automobile history, these are the cars that get pulses racing and have fans all over the world.

Racing & Events
07 x 03 min.

You won’t find these cars in any car dealership. They have been tuned for maximum perfor- mance or simply to get noticed. Most are only authorized for the racetrack, and carmakers use them to test out technology and to showcase their performance potential. In the exotic world of car tuning, extreme models are lovingly customized by their owners to make them stand out from the crowd.

Technology, Development & Design
16 x 03 min.

Car manufacturers are developing new technologies to make road travel safer, greener and more modern. The global race to find the most efficient drive technology, the most intuitive cockpit or the most attractive vehicle design means exciting and innovative new products are coming on the market on an almost daily basis.