Studio Hamburg

Night express to Surabaya: By train across Indonesia's peninsula (HD)

Night express to Surabaya: By train across Indonesia’s peninsula (HD)

Studio Hamburg | 2016
German with English subtitle
1 x 45 min
Available Worldwide

Surabaya: The name goes hand in hand with adventure, erotic and infamy. Bertolt Brecht’s ballad about “Surabaya Johnny” inspired Robert Hetk√§mper to take a train journey. In Jakarta, he boards the night express to Surabaya: by train across Indonesia’s main island, Java, from East to West. Robert Hetk√§mper and his team enter into a world of ancient traditional Buddhist and Hindu temples, mosques, smoking volcanoes and green rice terraces. The team finds itself confronted with the ultimate in railway romanticism in Cepu, Central Java. Occasionally, an old German locomotive makes its way through the remnants of the almost completely deforested jungle. Then it’s off to Bromo and one of the world’s most spectacular volcano landscapes. To the left and right of the tracks, encounters with people of diverse standing in the area take place, in this land of continuous and profound change.