Portugal – Wild Land on the Edge (4K)

Portugal – Wild Land on the Edge | 葡萄牙—处于边缘的荒野 (4K)

ORF-E | 2020
1 x 52 min
Available Worldwide

When Portugal was a great power linking the Old and New Worlds, wild mountain horses small enough for cramped ocean-going ships were captured and exported to gold-greedy Conquistadores. Now Portugal’s Algarve sea-horses are threatened by the excesses of tourism: plunging anchors, noisy jet-skis, illegal fishing. Portugal’s 20th Century dictator Salazar imported inflammable eucalyptus trees for the timber industry, that caused devastating fires. But today hundreds of white storks still nest in Portugal’s ancient, fire-proof cork oaks; while others nest on the cliffs and rock pillars of the Atlantic coast, battered by the world’s biggest waves. Endangered Mediterranean monk seals are rebuilding their numbers off Desertas Island, a rocky outcrop dominated by Europe’s largest wolf spider. With climate change massive flocks of Flamingos set up winter camp in the Tejo Delta at the gates of Lisbon, instead of migrating to Africa. Portugal: still a departure point for great adventures and a welcome home — balanced on the threshold between land and sea.