Horses in the Storm - Sardinia's Rocky Sanctuary | 暴风雨中的马—撒丁岛的岩石避难所 (4K)

ORF-E | 2020
1 x 52 min
Available Worldwide

Unlike its neighbor Corsica, Sardinia has always been an island fortress, looking inwards and upwards from the scented macchia brushlands to the harsh, baked, rocky Giara plateau, home to Europe’s hardiest wild horses. Abandoned after 4,000 years as the island’s source of transport and power, they have fought the elements for a century to survive alone. This film shows their dramatic life-cycle and their niche in this vivid island habitat, shared with mouflons, griffon vultures, wild boars, white donkeys, black widow spiders, tree frogs, cave salamanders and miniature Tyrrhenian red deer. Every winter Sardinia’s young men train horses to compete in the Sartiglia Festival, where man and steed fuse to become the gods of the island, and success promises rich future harvests.