Studio Hamburg

Sesame Street Presents (HD)

Sesame Street Presents (HD)

Studio Hamburg | 2017
German with English subtitle
Available Worldwide

Sesame Street Presents: Captain Carrot’s Treasure
1 x 60′

Watch out, Pirates ahead!
Woolley and Horse have to free Captain Carrot, his treasure and themselves out of the clutches of a band of pirates. These have abducted Captain Carrot and his ship and hold him captive on the island of Carrotsands. Naturally, Woolley and Horse are also interested in the treasure. Finy and Wolf go after Wolley and Horse in order to rescue them. They know that pirates are dangerous. But these particular pirates are rather tired.

Sesame Street Presents: The Secret Of The Flower Factory
2 x 50′

The squirrel Nibble has to flee Oak Park when, one morning, diggers turn up and workers start cutting down trees. Together with Horse and Woolley he tries to stop them. But they don’t stand a chance against Hubert Hammerly. When Finy finds secret blueprints, the friends learn that Hammerly plans to make flowers in his factory. But can that actually be true? Woolley and Horse are determined to unravel the secret of the flower factory.

Sesame Street Presents: A Carrot for Two – Season 3 – 5
109 x 12′

“A Carrot for Two” features Woolley the sheep and Horse, two of our favorite Sesame Street muppets. They live in a gigantic carrot in a laid-back and somewhat chaotic Hamburg backstreet – there’s always something going on at their place. Each episode focuses on a topic that kids know from their everyday lives: being afraid of the dark, being in a bad mood, secrets, promises, impatience and many other things. Part of their crew are Finy, the snail, and the somewhat scary green Wolf. Finally there is Gunter, a pretty cocky talking toilet.

Sesame Street presents: The Time Machine
1 x 60′

A Trip to the Past!
Woolley and Horse want to help Emma and her grandpa. Their
trouble is that Verena van Angle of the youth welfare office wants Emma to live in an orphanage rather than with her grandfather. And of course they can’t allow that to happen! Therefore, Woolley builds a time machine which takes Emma, Horse and himself on three adventurous journeys into the past: to the Vikings, into the early 19th century and to a Native American chieftain.