South Africa - The Struggle for Big Cats aka Big Cats

South Africa – The Struggle for Big Cats aka Big Cats | 南非-大猫之战

ORF-E | 2018
1 x 52 min
Available Worldwide

Feared as livestock predators, maligned as man eaters and hunted for their fur – safe habitats for lions, leopards and cheetahs are thin on the ground. Big cats are classed as endangered species. Although they are the species most photographed by tourists on safaris and therefore of economic importance to many countries, this does not necessarily improve matters. Individual animals are often relocated many times in the course of their life, to replenish the gene pool or to make old or new game reserves more attractive for ecotourism – just one of the many contradictions of nature conservation. Despite the big cats’ romantic image, these animals are an important part of a neo liberal economy that includes wild animals as well as all other areas of life.

它们被视为家畜的掠食者, 人们闻之色变,它们被诬蔑为吃人的动物。 它们有着美丽的毛发,同时也是常被人类捕猎的动物,相反的,狮子、豹子和猎豹在这片土地上就非常稀少。大猫被列为濒危物种,但由于它给国家带来重要的经济作用, 所以尽管它们是游客在狩猎旅行中最受欢迎的动物, 也无法因此而得到更完善的生活状况。
动物常常为了繁殖下一代而迁移, 为了使新的或旧的野生动物保护区对生态旅游更具吸引力而翻新——这只是自然保护团队的矛盾之一。尽管大猫有着浪漫的形象,但它们在新自由主义经济体上扮演着和其他野生动一样重要的角色。