Dusty and Mop (HD)

Studio Hamburg | 2017
No Language
4 minutes / episode
Episodes 27 – 39 (New Episodes)
Episode 1 – 26 (Previous Episodes)
Available worldwide

Dish & Mop are as shaggy and fluffy as a dishmop and extremely curious. With big eyes they suddenly appear in our human world and perceive it as an enormous playground. Whether they show up in the kitchen, the nursery, the garage or the garden, Dish and Mop jump right into the fun with relish and explore everything. And naturally trouble follows – Dish and Mop keep landing spectacularly in the cookie dough, mud, jello and even in the loo … But the two fluffy, happily chattering creatures are indestructible and quite inventive. In rooms we thought we knew so well they create their very own new adventure playground: a tropical toilet paper landscape, a fire-spitting fruit dragon, a foam sledge run or the somewhat scary closet ghost train…