The Grey and the Red - Secrets of Squirrels - 4K (HD)

ORF-E | 2017 – 2018
52 mins x 1
Available Worldwide

Everybody loves squirrels, and yet we only know them from their brief visits to ground level. Now, extraordinary HD storytelling shows them in their own environment: high up in the treetops. This documentary examines their intelligence and explores the deadly struggle for dominance between the two main species. The cute and cuddly russet acrobats are so clever they’re drawing increased attention from scientists. Indeed, they now depend on the scientists for their survival, as they face extinction. Grey squirrels from North-America are spreading fast across Europe, displacing the native red squirrel. This documentary charts both their lovable antics and the life-and-death struggle for survival of an animal that still has plenty of secrets to reveal. It observes a family of red squirrels over the course of a year, as they mate, care for their young, and battle for food and against predators.