Through a Raven's Eye (HD)

Through a Raven’s Eye (HD)


ORF-E | 2018
52 min. x 1
Available Worldwide

The Common Raven is the largest, cleverest and bravest European corvid – brave enough to make its home in the harsh landscape of the ‘Totes Gebirge’ – the ‘Dead Mountains’. This barren lime- stone plateau at 2,500 meters soaks up rainwater, leaving the peaks bone-dry. Further down, the precipitation creates a paradise of turquoise lakes, pristine springs, moss-covered forests and mysteri- ous moors. The temporary karst springs bring fur- ther specialist behaviour: landlocked Danube bleak make short and spectacular migrations to their spawning grounds, and wallcreepers scurry up and down steep cliffs, looking for larvae; while cham- ois, ptarmigans and mountain hares eke out a living amongst the jagged rocks. Gliding on silent wings through this landscape of contrasts, the raven takes us on a tour of his realm: this forbidding limestone massif may appear dead – but through the raven’s eyes it’s anything but!