Turtle Hero - A Cold Blooded Passion - 4K (HD)

Turtle Hero – A Cold Blooded Passion – 4K (HD)

ORF-E | 2016
52 mins x 1
Available Worldwide

Like any young boy Peter Praschag loved animals and wanted a pet, but not a cat or a dog. His passion was for cold-blooded reptiles, his only interest was turtles. Today he is a world expert on freshwater turtles. One turtle has become an obsession: not only is it the largest freshwater turtle on the planet, it is also probably the rarest animal on Earth. Only three Yangtze Soft-shell turtles are positively known to exist. A male and a female in China, another adult in a small lake in Central Hanoi, while strong evidence suggests there may be another in a lake to the north. With assistance from experts Peter hopes to capture that individual, and he may yet help to save another species from extinction! Turtles live in a half-world between land and water, and their evolutionary history stretches back over two hundred million years. They survived cataclysmic extinction events, and have outlived the dinosaurs. Today some are amongst the most endangered vertebrates on earth.