Wild Austria - Created by Water - 4K (HD)

Wild Austria – Created by Water – 4K (HD)

ORF-E | 2018
52 min. x 2 ep
Available Worldwide

Part I: Frozen Peaks
Part II: Rivers and Plains

Austria’s Alpine glaciers, ancient seas and mighty rivers carved out amazing landscapes – key to her wildlife today. Eagles, ibex, otters and deer are well-known, but there are other, stranger creatures: Goldeneye ducks breed high in tree nests. Once hatched, the ducklings follow their mother to the life-giving river below. But they can’t fly , so it’s a leap of faith up to ten metres down. The tiny Bullhead is a fish that can’t swim. It claws with its fins along the gravelly bed of brooks and creeks to resist the current. One creature even survived unchanged from the days of the dinosaurs: the tadpole shrimp, a three-eyed hermaphrodite whose eggs can lie dormant for decades – if necessary. Adults can self-fertilize, one shrimp is enough to ensure future generations. They all fit in to Austria’s unforgettable landscapes and Water’s endless cycle and ever-changing forms.