Wild Istanbul - 4K (HD)

ORF-E | 2017
52 min. x 1 ep
Available worldwide except for Germany and France

This stunning metropolis has a flavor of two continents – Asia and Europe, divided and connected by the Bosporus straits, where the salty waters of the Sea of Marmara mix with the currents of the Black Sea. Though the Bosporus is one of the world’s busiest shipping routes you can still see three different species of dolphin here – reminiscent of the sagas of the ancient world. Living relics of antiquity are everywhere in Istanbul: for example, the martens were imported by Egyptian traders to protect their sacks of seeds.
For migrating birds Istanbul is a toehold as they head north for the European spring. But some animals have come to stay: wild wolves, invading from the east, mate with wild dogs. It’s happening today as it has for generations, so that now some scientists talk of a new species: the wolfdog.