Wild Mexico - Mexico's Animal Migrants (HD)

Wild Mexico – Mexico’s Animal Migrants (HD)


ORF-E | 2017
52 min. x 1 ep
Available Worldwide

Mexico is a natural history super-power, one of earth’s few mega-biodiverse regions. But aside from the residents; the jaguars, eagles, roadrunners and tarantulas, there are also other animals: visitors. In their millions and from thousands of miles away across North and South America come an astonishing array of extraordinary animals. Flying, swimming, running and crawling through the giant living funnel of Mexico. Some of our animal adventurers set off from Mexico, others return to it. We’ll weave their six stories together so that we see how they cross paths, and create a living map of all of Mexico: Snow Geese, Gray Whales, Mexican Dumpy Frog, Monarch Butterfly, Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, Mexican Freetail Bat. We follow the stories of the most spectacular animal odysseys on land, air and sea, through the highlights of Mexico’s natural wonders.