Wildlife Heroes | 野生动物英雄

KM + BM | 2019
10 x 30 min
Available Worldwide

Each episode features the compelling backstory as Ivan Carter engages with anti-poaching teams and spends time on the front line engaging in conservation initiatives funded by hunters. All the while getting a first-hand look at what happens when conservation is done properly and what a disaster it can be if hunting is stopped.

每个片段都有引人入胜的背景故事,伊万·卡特加入了反盗猎队,在前线参加了由猎人资助的保护行动。与此同时,我们还可以直接看到当保卫工作做得很好时, 成果是什么,如果停止狩猎又会引发什么灾难。