Adlmüller – King of Fashion

1 x 43 min

Completely penniless and with no education – this is how Fred Adlmüller begins his unprecedented career as a fashion designer. Not a single day is spent doing military service and, as an open homosexual, he has no problems either before or after the Nazi era. Having already come to prominence in Germany and Austria in the early 1930s, after the war his network of royals and rulers came to span the entire world. Adlmüller was the darling of society in Germany, Austria – and far beyond. Director Robert Styblo traces the “Adlmüller phenomenon”, interviews his former “mannequins”, including Nadja Tiller and Elisabeth Fallenberg, as well as several companions and friends, and paints a vibrant and amusing picture of the mores and society of an era quite unlike any other.

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