3 x 45 min

This production takes us up into the high Alps in three parts and four seasons. Close-ups that have never been shown before portray the life of a wide variety of mountain animals. Never before shown close-ups portray the life of a wide variety of animals in the mountains’ wild nature. This polished series from the internationally acclaimed nature filmmaker Hans Jöchler shows hibernators such as marmots during the first days of spring as well as chamois at the mountain face or the impressive eagle flight over the peaks. The first episode accompanies young chamois at every turn in the rough terrain, shows spectacular territorial fights between ibexes, presents footage of of nimble squirrels in the forests of Tyrol. Towards the end, this extraordinary documentary provides almost intimate insights into the feeding behavior of a buzzard, observed from the air by an imposing eagle.

1. Fall
2. Summer
3. Winter and Spring

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