Animal Encounters

DW Transtel | 56 4825
30 mins / ep
Episodes 1, 3, 7-19
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Can there be such a thing as a spiritual affinity between animals and humans? The men and women in our Animal Encounters would probably say yes. They have all felt a profound connection with certain animals, a relationship that has stayed with them ever since their first meeting. The devotion with which they commit to the welfare of their protégés, the trust that these animals demonstrate and the wordless form of understanding between them are often an enigma to outsiders.

01 My Friend, the Wolf (2014)
03 At the Elephant Orphanage (2014)
07 A School for Monkeys (2014)
08 Among Dolphins (2015)
09 The Tree-Kangaroo Mother (2015)
10 Berta’s Little Alpaca (2015)
11 The Story of the Spirit Bear (2015)
12 My Animal Protégé (2015)
13 The Girl and the Elephants (2015)
14 Conserving India’s Wildlife (2018)
15 A Love for the Leopard-Spotted Horse (2018)
16 Too Slow for This World – Sloths in Costa Rica (2018)
17 Immo the Hunter and Harry the Stag (2018)
18 Jenny and her Flying Foxes (2018)
19 Lotta Learns to Swim (2018)

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