Animalistic – The Animal and Us

OneGate Media
English (1 episode only)
5 x 30 mins

ANIMALISTIC takes an intensive look at the relationship of humans and animals – the special bond, but also the problematic and contradictory nature of our relation with each other, from earliest domestication up until today. During the show, human and animal are supposed to meet, eye to eye, focused on our understanding and our actions. Each episode centers around one species, one animal that we live with. Three humans get to share their perspective on the animal in question, tell their stories of their relationship. Through these stories we get to know how dogs, pigs or horses accompany our lives and influence them. Premium storytelling, visually innovative and emotionally touching – ANIMALISTIC is a persuasive mixture of information and entertainment. Moreover, the show provides us with an impulse to experience anew our lives with the animals in our surroundings.

1. Dog (English)
2. Donkey
3. Horse
4. Pig
5. Sheep

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