Arlberg – The Hidden Paradise

1 x 50 min
Worldwide except for Germany

Snow masses pile up in abundance on the deep snow-covered slopes. The wind has created bizarre snowdrifts on the steep mountain ridges, and further below, the Swiss pine carry the weight of this sparkling splendor. The Arlberg is the embodiment of an idyllic winter and the cradle of alpine skiing. However, this famous ski resort that connects Tyrol with Vorarlberg, offers a lot more than expected. A bit of untouched nature has been preserved in the hardly accessible valley and the cliffy massifs. In the deepest of winters, far away from the slopes and ski routes, avalanches thunder into the valley, however they bring with them neither destruction nor death. On the contrary, the winter is the toughest time for ibexes and chamois. Now the meager fodder is burried deep under the snow and the animals can only find nutrition there where avalanches have cleared the slopes from snow. The winterly splendor is only one facet – the famous face of Arlberg, its true fascination remains hidden under the snow almost half a year long.

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