Austria – Land of Lakes

1 x 52 min

“The Viennese Sea” is how one of the few steppe lakes in Europe is often described. This documentary takes viewers to the Austrian region of Lake Neusiedl and Seewinkel and portrays the lovable and unconventional people of this region. Only one meter deep on average, Lake Neusiedl is fed mainly by precipitation and has only one artificial outlet. Despite its shallow depth, Lake Neusiedl is popular with sailors and surfers. Precipitation is rare, sunshine hours are numerous and the wind blows stronger here than anywhere else in Austria. The region is a habitat for unique flora and fauna: Reed and water areas stretch as far as the eye can see. Austria’s largest lake extends from the slopes of the Leitha Mountains to the expanse of the Puszta. Glittering salt lakes, moor hamlets and marshy meadows give the Seewinkel its rare magic. The man-made outlet of Lake Neusiedl runs along the Austro-Hungarian border. The bridge at Andau delineates the border between the two countries and yet also symbolizes connection: After the suppression of the Hungarian uprising in 1956, it enabled 70,000 people to find their way to freedom.

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