Battleships Off The Peruvian Coast – Illegal Dolphin Hunt

1 x 30 min

Unnoticed from the rest of the world in Peru every year almost 15.000 dolphins are killed by humans. Not only that the fishermen sell the meat as “Chancho Marino” (seapig) on the local markets, in fact most of the Dolphins are sed as bait for the widespread shark fishing. For the first time completely new and unique film shots in HD reveal this practice of the complete Peruvian shark fishing fleet. Such a proof of the worldwide biggest organized Dolphin slaughter has never done before. Together with German biologist Stefan Austermuehle the audience will enter one of the boats and accompany the fishermen while hunting dolphins and fishing sharks. And the audience is not only witnessing this illegal business – viewers will also understand the tremendous problems that are caused by this: Most of the sharks are far too small and not allowed to be caught. Many of the female sharks are pregnant and even give birth while dying. And the hunt for dolphins as an endangered species in Peru is highly forbidden by law since 1997 – and nevertheless still is a daily routine on the fishers boats.

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