Bauhaus Clips

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9 x 60 sec

Bauhaus in 60 Seconds
One clip for each of the three Bauhaus films “The Code”, “The Effect” and “The Utopia” to answer the questions at the heart of the episodes.
01 What Is Bauhaus?
02 Where Can We Find Bauhaus?
03 Why Care About Bauhaus?

The Spirit of Bauhaus
Meet three creative individuals who keep the spirit of the Bauhaus alive.
04 Space to Develop: Norman Foster
05 Follow Your Gut: Yinka Ilori
06 Design = Bauhaus: Jan Gerner

The Bauhaus Philosophy
Our great minds of today find new solutions for tomorrow inspired by the ideas of the Bauhaus. Our shared desire for utopia is what propels innovation and inspires us to pull together.
07 Driving Innovation: Saving Mayan Tradition
08 Form and Function: IKEA
09 A Better Life for All: Elevating the Favelas

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