Big Bend – America’s Wildest Frontier (4K)

1 x 45 min / 1 x 52 min
Worldwide except for The USA, France, Ireland and Sweden

The world’s most talked-about frontier is a vast wonderland of serene beauty and epic desert landscapes – home to some of America’a most glorious wildlife. Big Bend National Park boasts more species of birds, butterflies, bats, reptiles, cacti, ants and scorpions than any other US National Park. The soaring Chisos Mountains are sky-islands for survivors at the extreme edge of their range, seeking respite on their long migrations. In America’s true frontier land, horizons never end and stars blaze as they have for eons; mountain lion and black bear roam, bats stalk the desert floor at night, seeking out of all things – scorpions! It’s the wild west of our cartoons and movie dream-worlds, home to coyote, rattlesnake and roadrunner. The film explores Big Bend throughout a year, seeking out all its secret places and wild creatures.

Award :  JACKSON WILD MEDIA AWARDS (2021): Best Sound (won)

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