Bohemian Vienna – Dumplings, Bricks and Polka

1 x 45 min / 52 min / 62 min
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Yeast dumplings, Powidldatschgerl (plum jam dumplings), Buchteln (sweet yeast buns) and Liwanzen (yeast pancakes) – the influence of Bohemian cuisine on Viennese cuisine is particularly visible in the desserts. The Czech name “palačinky”, meaning thin pancakes, even found its way into the Viennese language as “Palatschinken”. A Bohemian cook was practically a must in the high society of the k.u.k. (Imperial and Royal Monarchy) 19th-century metropolis, and they brought their own culinary traditions with them. Especially Germ (in German, “Hefe” – yeast), found its way into the Viennese (pastry) kitchen. Roast pork, dumplings, Prague ham, potato pancakes and greaves are further examples of the influence of the “Bohemian cook” on Viennese eating habits, which Anita Lackenberger presents in her new documentary. In her own particular way, she mixes historical background and anecdotes with recipes to try at home – in re-enactments and epicurean glimpses into the bakeries and kitchens of the metropolis on the Danube.

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