Break Free

OneGate Media
1 x 120 min

Ulli and Lena want to leave everything behind for six months. Their plan: driving from Hamburg to South Africa. But they will never get there. Instead, they are taking their old Land Rover Terés and the 40-year-old roof tent, a present from Ulli’s auntie, to a journey of nearly two years crisscrossing West Africa. The stakes are high: to find themselves, to feel oneself again. And not to come back before some fundamental change in their attitude towards life happened. Going 46.000 kilometres, more than once around the world, through 14 West African countries the two experience a different adventure every day. Some of them hard to take. A movie that takes you on a journey as beautiful and wearisome as it can be. A movie that will confuse you, make you happy, shock you and amaze you. A movie that affects you with its fascination and love for Africa from a perspective you haven’t seen before. Pure, unsparing and big-hearted.

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