Circus Siblings

ORF-E | 2023
1 x 52 min -or- 1 x 92 min
Hungarian with English subtitles
Worldwide except Hungary

At the beginning of 2020, twelve young talents from Hungary receive the opportunity to continue their studies abroad in a special international circus performer class. The children aged 12-14 would give anything to achieve their dreams. They are ready to leave their friends and families behind to start a new life far from home, but an unexpected event, the global COVID-19 pandemic paralyses the world, thus seems to prevent the voyage. The pupils finally are set to spend a semester at the Kyiv Academy of Circus Arts in the Fall of 2021, thereby they get a small glimpse of life there before it is shattered by war a few months later. A special bond forms between the Hungarian youngsters and their Ukrainian teachers and fellow students that bridges the gap between cultures because all of them speak the language of the circus. The members of the class embark on their journey as children, but the challenges they encounter along the way force them to find their inner selves, forge bonds and return home as grown-ups. Circus Siblings teaches us to hold onto our dreams even if our world is flipped upside down, and that the road to our goals may be more important than the destination itself.

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