City Beasts: Cape of Chaos

12 x 24 min
Available worldwide except for Afrika (Season 1)

Adventurer and Wildlife Filmmaker Josh Crickmay

City Beasts is the story of an enthusiastic game ranger (and self-proclaimed intrepid adventurer) on a mission to find proof that humans and animals can coexist in harmony. He shares his experiences of discovering these animals in a fun and educational way, and his enthusiasm for nature is truly inspiring. Through tracking, trap cameras, stakeouts, and by following the tales from the locals, he indeed encounters the beasts of the city. Through honest and genuine encounters with animals like penguins, sharks, porcupines, genets, and even otters, he proves his theory that not only do people coexist with wildlife in the Cape Town, but he also discovers the remarkable impact it has on the locals. Josh sees City Beasts as a way to give back to Mother Nature – as she literally saved his life when he was a lost and suicidal teenager. Josh’s curiosity, sheer bravery, and clever sense of humour make him an endearing character, and his passion is undeniably authentic and palpable throughout the series. City Beasts is an Adventure Wildlife Comedy series that showcases the natural beauty of Cape Town, the adaptability of nature and the resilience of a phenomenal young man. It is aimed at people with an interest in nature and animals, especially the younger generations, but the way that Josh has presented this truly makes it accessible to everyone. Josh strives to show people what a difference it can make if we do a few small things for the wildlife moving through our cities and suburbs. As a team our hope is that this will inspire every single person on the planet to look at their surroundings differently. Josh is specifically hoping to inspire the younger generations to have adventures, follow their curiosities and change the nature of conservation to be a part of their every day lives.

Episode 1: Concrete Jungle
Episode 2: Man & Beast
Episode 3: Jungle Sharks
Episode 4: City Sea Dogs
Episode 5: Penguins or Bust
Episode 6: Taking Flight
Episode 7: Wherefore Art Thou Otter
Episode 8: Garden Corridors
Episode 9: Trash To Treasure
Episode 10: Otter Chaos
Episode 11: The Haunted Mountain
Episode 12: Gettin Outta Dodge

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