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The Cold War set in even before the Second World War had ended. The divergent ideologies, interests and goals of the former allies, temporarily suspended in the battle against the Axis powers, became all the more evident after victory was sealed. Barely two years after the end of WWII in 1945, two politically and economically distinct blocs faced each other, led by the two superpowers the US and the Soviet Union. The conflict was called the Cold War because the NATO and Warsaw Pact alliances were not engaged in direct combat with one another. The battlefields were propaganda, espionage, the arms race and numerous proxy wars. The economic implosion of the Soviet Union heralded the end of the Cold War. The collapse affected dependent communist dictatorships and eventually brought down the entire socialist bloc. The fall of the Berlin Wall in 199 is a powerful symbol of this historic turning point. But we are still far from knowing everything that happened during the Cold War. In the bitter wrangling, both sides resorted to dubious means, some of which are still classified or unknown to this day. With the help of documents and personal stories, we can gradually put together a more truthful account of this global conflict.

01 A Nazi Cog in the Cold War Machine
02 Berlin – Divided City of Spies
03 Cuba Crisis – The Unknown Historical Context
04 Vietnam: Secret Diplomacy During the War
05 Afghanistan 1979: The War that Changed the World
06 Deceive and Provoke: The Reagan Method

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