Close Up With Hippos

OneGate Media
1 x 52 mins

Close-up with hippos is a nature documentary, which focuses on the lives of hippopotamuses an entirely new perspective. Hippos lead a semi aquatic life and it is the aquatic side that is the most exciting. Hippos spend half of their day in water and can dive for up to 30 minutes. For us to find out exactly what happens underwater during these periods, we have to dive with them, which is extremely dangerous. It is not just the belligerent hippos that cause the camera team problems, but the added presence of myriad crocodiles that share this habitat with the hippos. Time and again, deadly clashes occur between the large mammals and reptiles. Hippo mothers fiercely defend their offspring, as crocodile mothers do their eggs. Hippo bulls engage in turf wars, which often end in the death of the opponent. But the heavyweights also have a gentle side to them: hippo mothers affectionately take care of their younger generations, which are suckled under water. Equipped with complex technology, the camera team penetrates the unique underwater cosmos of the River Luanga in Zambia and during the day and night film shifts, the filmmakers uncover hitherto unknown behavioural patterns.

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