Come and See My World!

DW Transtel | 76 4826
33 eps x 30 mins
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The three baby rhinos really keep 14-year-old Newton on his toes! Their mothers were killed by poachers near his home in Kenya, and now they’re being looked after by Newton. He does all he can to ensure that the rhinos can live safely in the wildlife reserve close to his village. Shakira and Erick live in the Cuban capital Havana, and dedicate every free moment to preparing for their big dream: to one day tour the world as professional dancers. 13-year-old Emily lives in a real castle in Britain. Her parents run a hotel there and place great importance on good manners.

Emily organizes a black-tie dinner party to mark her mother’s birthday. Crazy hobbies, commitment to a cause, everyday problems and, time and again, the courage to tackle new challenges: The lives of our protagonists are as varied, interesting and diverse as their home countries. They invite us to take a look: Come and See My World!

01 Hassani and His Whalesharks (Tanzania)
02 Sarah Goes for it (Germany)
03 Te Kopae Becomes a Man (New Zealand)
04 Tim Plays Ice Hockey (Germany)
05 Ngiti and Ueukurunda’s Big Adventure (Namibia)
06 Manuel Protects Nature (Nicaragua)
07 Carla, the Cowgirl (France)
08 Fadhel Wants a Falcon (Abu Dhabi)
09 Gina’s Exciting Circus World (Germany)
10 Malte Takes the Rough with the Smooth (Germany)
11 Ekuwam the Water Scout (Kenya)
12 Giovanni and the Gondolas of Venice (Italy)
13 Baljaa and the Blue Sky (Mongolia)
17 Mackline and Her Life in the Forest (Uganda)
18 Rauna and Her Reindeers (Finland)
19 David, a Musician Through and Through (Germany)
20 Zhang Chen and the Full Moon (China)
21 Newton, the Rhino Ranger (Kenya)
22 Shakira and Erick Dance in Havana (Cuba)
23 Emily Lives in a Castle (Britain)
28 Jessica, the Girl from the Amazon (Colombia)
29 Gaurav and the Kites (India)
30 Lisa Loves Chimpanzees (Kenya)
31 Emil and the Bridge Jumpers of Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
32 Suleiman Rides the Waves (Tanzania)
33 Florentine, an Exceptional Athlete (Germany)
34 Muskaan’s Bollywood Dreams (India)
35 Zakayo and Timmy’s Big Trip (Kenya)
36 Simon’s Parkour Challenge (Germany)
37 Thyago, the Drummer (Brazil)
38 Samuel and the Lions (Kenya)
39 Vi and Her Floating Village (Vietnam)
40 Geilson, the Capoeirista (Brazil)

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