Composers of Genius

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10 x 52 min
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Discover the lives of musical masters through the cities, people and places that touched their lives and helped them shape their genius. Classical music lovers will experience intimate portraits that transcend genres and generations – like the development of the Baroque master George Frederic Handel, who as a young man drew his life’s inspiration from the atmosphere of Rome, Venice and 18th century Italian opera. Or discover the secrets behind the unmistakably unique piano compositions of Chopin. After moving to Paris from Warsaw, this master pianist of the Romantic era created his very own compositional style that is unrivaled in its artistry. And along with each episode, viewers will enjoy beautiful renditions of masterworks played by contemporary soloists and orchestras from around the world. Stories like these add a special perspective to the timeless popularity of classical music while providing unique insight into people who were composers of genius.

01 Baroque Star George Frideric Handel
02 Mendelssohn the Classical Romantic
03 Franz Liszt – The Pilgrimage Years
04 The Art of Chopin
05 Richard Strauss and His Heroines
06 Joseph Haydn – Music for Prince and People
07 Heinrich Schütz – Giant of the 17th Century
08 Krzysztof Penderecki – Music without Concessions
09 Ignaz Joseph Pleyel – Global Career as Composer and Piano Builder
10 Michael Nyman – Avant-garde Minimalism

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