Cuba’s Wild Revolution (4K)

2 x 50′, 2 x 59′, 1 x 68′

Cuba has some of the richest wildlife in the Caribbean: 3,700 km of pristine coastline, mountain ranges still draped in primeval forest, swamps teeming with moisture-loving creatures – and much of it thrives because of Cuba’s revolution. Decades of socialist government, U.S. embargoes and minimal development have left the island virtually unchanged.
This film will feature Cuba’s wildlife where it meets the island’s colonial and revolutionary past, and present: from the clouds of vultures riding the updrafts around Havana’s legendary ‘Habana Libre’ hotel to the Cuban boa constrictors making their homes in the deserted mansions of long-gone sugar barons, to the coral-smothered cannon of wrecked Spanish galleons. Neighbors from Haiti to Jamaica may have flushed their natural wealth into the sea; Cuba sits like a green jewel in azure Caribbean waters, pulsing with life.

Wildscreen Panda Awards (2020): Editing Award (nominated)
International Nature Namur (2019): Best Cinematorgraphy (won)
Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival (2019): Best Audioscape (won)

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