Slovakian with English Subtitle
1 x 52 min
Worldwide except for Slovakia and Czech Republic

After “I live the Danube” the author again creates a fantastic and emotional portrait of the hidden corners of the Danube. The man in the canoe sharpens his senses on the water. Near the river and in the Danube forests he always sees better, hears better, feels better and has a better understanding of life. He integrates himself into the landscape and captures rebirth, magical corners still to be found here. Danube Fantasy is a film about the river that always took care of itself. The big river has been like a mother – being a home for hundreds of species of plants and animals although over the past few decades, the Danube has witnessed drastic changes in land use and over-exploitation of natural resources. Memories of the past connect the man in the canoe with the Danube Delta, where he even today manages to travel back in time to the times of his grandfather.

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