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Episodes 16 – 20 (new episodes)
Episodes 1 – 15 (previous episodes)

The digital revolution has advanced into many areas of our lives. For most people, digital technologies are now an intrinsic part of both working life and leisure time. In many ways, they enrich our life and make it easier – for example, by making information and resources accessible, providing a diverse range of communication platforms, and taking on monotonous or dangerous jobs. Highly complex systems can now detect cancer cells in tissue samples more quickly and efficiently than ever before, or brake vehicles ahead of a potential collision. But these technologies also harbor risks. Many everyday interactions require us to divulge a huge amount of personal information – used by unknown entities to bombard us with news, marketing and political messages. The question remains: Who – or what – are the better decision-makers. Humans or machines?

1 The Artist’s Code – Can Algorithms Be Creative? (2021)
2 Cyborgs – Hybrid Beings as Humans of the Future? (2021)
3 The Promise of AI – Paradise or Robocalypse? (2021)
4 Humanoid Robots – Friendly Helpers or Alien Machines? (2021)
5 Virtual or Reality? – Creating Immersive Worlds (2022)
6 The Interfaces of the Future – New Models of Interaction (2022)
7 Collective Objectives – Goals for the Digital Age (2022)
8 Hyper-Acceleration – Trading at the Speed of Light (2022)
9 The Emoji ABC – Developing a Global Language (2022)
10 Machines on the March – Can AI Be Controlled (2022)
11 Digital Attraction – Challenging Beauty Ideals (2022)
12 The Spirit of Tech – How Mind and Matter Relate (2022)
13 Delegated Responsibility – What Sort of Tasks Can We Entrust to Machines? (2022)
14 What is Reality? – How Deepfakes Work (2023) [NEW]
15 Data Protection – How to Maintain a Safe Online Presence (2023) [NEW]
16 Cryptocurrency’s Promise – The Power of Profit (2023) [NEW]
17 TikTok – How an App is Shaping Our Worldview (2023) [NEW]
18 Driving the Digital – Lithium-ion Batteries (2023) [NEW]
19 All-Seeing A.I. – Predicting Voting Behaviour (2023) [NEW]
20 The Wikipedia Project – Knowledge and Power (2023) [NEW]

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