Euromaxx à la Carte

DW Transtel | 564679
30 mins / ep
Episodes 101 – 108 (New Episodes)
Episodes 67 – 100 (Previous Episodes)
Worldwide, VOD, Mobile

Clips | 524882
37 New Clips 2023
183 x 03 – 05 min (Previous Clips) / ep

We travel around Europe to trace the manifold roots of European cuisine and to show how Europe’s culinary heritage is reworked and refined by the continent’s top chefs. They give us an insight into their skills as they turn regional specialties into gourmet delights. For Euromaxx à la Carte they demonstrate European gastronomy at its finest in their award- winning restaurants.

It’s all here – from new Scandinavian cuisine to hearty Bavarian dishes. For dessert, each pro- gram focuses on a special subject, such as the delicate craft of the chocolatier or top wines from France. Euromaxx à la Carte takes your taste buds on a European tour.

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