Euromaxx on Vacation

DW Transtel | 56 4689
Episodes 81 – 84 (new episodes)
Episodes 50 – 80 (previous episodes)
30 min / episode
Worldwide, VOD, Mobile

Clips | 524883
15 news clips 2023
126 x 03 – 05 min / ep (Previous Clips)

Euromaxx on Vacation invites you to spend your vacation with us. Let us be your guide on a tour of the most beautiful destinations, glamorous locations and tranquil regions Europe has to offer. From Andorra to Zagreb – you will be enchanted by these diverse and fascinating places. Among the many exciting cities we explore are Copenhagen, Lisbon and Barcelona. We offer all kinds of information and insider tips about the places we visit. Euromaxx on Vacation is guaranteed to infect you with the travel bug.

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