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58 episodes
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Europe to the max – Euromaxx. The name says it all. Experience the richness and variety of Europe. Fascinating colorful reports bring alive the new Europe. See how people live across the continent, from Portugal to Ukraine, Finland
to Italy.
Europe is always on the move. A source of new ideas and a motor for change. But Europe’s traditions are also flourishing and being updated for life in the 21st century. Europe’s values of tolerance and its diversity make it an exciting mix of cultures and temperaments. Arts and entertainment, fashion and glamour, design and architecture. Europe is all this and much more. And so
is Euromaxx.
Vibrant and alive – Euromaxx gets up close to the action and captures the fast pace of modern Europe. Come and discover the Europe of today. Stay right up to date with the latest fashion and be the first to know about tomorrow’s trends. We’ll keep you informed about all the latest news from the worlds of fashion, food, travel, art and architecture to name but a few.
Euromaxx, unique clips packed full of Europe for your show reflecting the continent’s constantly changing cultural landscape. Euromaxx – Europe to the max!

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