European Bison – Knight of the Old Forest

1 x 55 min

Just take a look at this giant! It has lived in this forest with hundred years-old trees for a million years. The bison is so ancient that its noble ancestry cannot be doubted. Its horns are a scary weapon, a retributive sword for anyone who provokes it. This is a description of the European bison, but it could just as well be the description of a knight from the middle-ages. When we made this comparison, we started to research the bison’s life. And what did we find? They really live according to knightly laws! European bison respect their suzerain, look after their dames, commit great deeds in females’ honor and always accept invitations to fight! So, this is a story that happens in a special world which we are going to call Camelot. The Knights of the Round Table revered King Arthur and one of them, Lancelot, falls passionately in love with Queen Guinevere. Well, we are going to tell you this story on a slightly different way, in a bison way.

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