German with English subtitle
1 x 52 min

Noah’s fate was hanging by a thread for a long time. His mother Pias’s amniotic sac ruptured in early October 2016, four and a half months before her due date. The life of Pia and the unborn child were both at stake. Every additional day in the womb was of enormous importance, but on day 23+1 into the pregnancy, labor started. Pia and her husband Wolfgang had to make a fast decision: Should all medical measures be taken to safe Noah? Or should their son be allowed to pass peacefully? Pia and her husband only had one hour to make this critical decision. No one knew how this was going to end. By retelling the critical moments between the parents on the one hand, and the parents and doctors on the other hand, the viewer is drawn into the dramatic developments through scenic staging with actors, as well as private video recordings. The film provides intimate insights into the family’s situation, as well as into the difficult work of doctors and experts who operate on the edge of life and death every day and face the therewith associated ethical gray areas. This story requires careful staging that portrays the dramatic events as well as the intimate moments. For the director, it was important that these central moments – the actual hour in which a dramatic decision was required, almost in real-time – are the heart of the movie as written scenes, because they make it possible for the viewer to participate in these moments that determined the future of the family.

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