Fair Trade – On the Road with Hannes Jaennike

OneGate Media
English (1 episode only)
5 x 30 mins

Many everyday life goods get to us from all over the world. Even though they have crossed thousands of miles, their prices are shockingly low. On almost every occasion, this counts in to the disadvantage of the producers. While global players make gigantic profits, the farmers stay poor. Meanwhile, an alternative to this scenario does exist: Goods and products derived from fair trade. In Germany, labels like FAIRTRADE, GEPA, STEP or NATURLAND FAIR make the promise of trading while being aware of both sides of the production line.
But can we really change things by our personal shop-ping tendencies only? Do we as consumers hold the power to change consume for the better? The actor and author of bestseller books Hannes Jaenicke makes it his goal to find out exactly about these questions. In a journey around the globe, he visits various small famers and producers who sell their products via fair trade. They show him how they live and work. What kind of people are they? And what has changed for them by getting organized in fair trade unions?

1. Carpets from Nepal
2. Rice from Thailand
3. Cocoa from the Ivory Coast (English)
4. Tea from Sri Lanka
5. Bananas from Peru

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